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FMCG trends: post-pandemic predictions for 2022

by: PLAY

During chaotic times like these, predicting future consumer trends can seem like an impossible feat. Many industries have no idea where they’re coming or going, and the future of FMCG new product development still holds question marks.

In the early stages of the pandemic, we surveyed our Shopper Social community and identified 4 key themes emerging in consumer purchase behaviour.

Now, we’re exploring these patterns and changes as well as asking, 'What does this mean for you and your business?'

Read a snapshot from our report below or download the full report here

Aussie family at home during the pandemic enjoying a home-made meal.

The COVID-19 consumer.

Firstly, let’s recap the 4 key themes we originally saw emerging from our weekly Coronavirus surveys. These are the activities that many Aussies engaged in heavily at the beginning of the pandemic: 

  1. New age thriftiness: Spending less or using what they already have at home.
  2. Health for all: Buying effective holistic wellness products.
  3. Home is ground control: The rise of home cooking and home-centric activities.
  4. Local is the preferred premium: Supporting local businesses, even if it costs more.

Some fast-moving brands proactively catered to these new consumer needs in exciting and innovative ways. Those companies saw success during difficult days because instead of inventing something new for the sake, they led from a place of responding to the changing consumer.

However, survival mode (and all the associated behavioural changes) was never going to last forever. Our researchers anticipated that things would shortly shift again — and shift they have.

FMCG trends: person cuts up zucchini for scratch cooking.Tapping into FMCG trends for 2022.

Half of our community told us they intend to exercise more moving forward. Around a third of them said they plan to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, cook from scratch and buy local. They’re also keen to eat less pre-made foods, such as ready meals and frozen meals.

Why? Because they want to feel healthier, lose weight, support their community and make their lives more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable (the PLAY team can relate!).

To discover these key FMCG trends and understand the opportunities for your brand, download the full report.

Pre-pandemic: A group of friends eating burgers and salad at a restaurant. Keeping post-pandemic pace.

If you want your brand to shine in these challenging times, you must take note of key FMCG trends while reviewing and adapting your existing product messaging. You may also want to consider creating new products that strike a chord with evolving consumer mindsets.

We might be feeling the COVID-19 funk too, but one thing the PLAY team never tires of is supporting FMCG brands with consumer-led new product development.

Don’t struggle in silence. Our experts are ready to help! Reach out at hello@playmr.com.au or 02 8097 0200. We’d love to hear from you.

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