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framing the reason & scope for innovation.

Let us help you to uncover your innovation strengths and weaknesses to define your purpose and scope, unearth real growth opportunities and create a coherent plan to move forward with. Think of us as an objective external party that can bring clarity to your future innovation goals. Ultimately, we believe, in the early stages, that your innovation activities should align with business strategy and be grounded in insight.

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We are across market trends and developments, skilled at aligning your team towards a common goal and able to help you reveal and examine the best new opportunities.

At this stage, we offer a range of solutions including:

  • Goal & innovation scoping: Goal development consulting & workshops, Scoping and planning workshops
  • Insight gathering: Segmentation, usage & attitudes,Journey mapping, Ethnography, Category growth research
  • Opportunity springboard development: leading to product design consulting and product market fit research.
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what you'll get...

Unbiased assessment

We objectively sift through all possible opportunities and pluck out the 'best of the best.'

Market alignment

A finger on the pulse of market trends helps us align your capabilities with consumer needs.

Promising portfolios

Get a balanced portfolio including core and breakthrough offers grounded in consumer-first insight.

actionable solutions, aligned to strategy.



We engaged with PLAY to help understand what truly drove the choices for 'dinner' amongst the broad Australian audience. We needed a foundational study to inform action


across a wide product portfolio - for both current rationalisation, review, and future scoping & innovation. The approach was a great mix of robustness, efficiency and defensibility - enabling the final data to be cascaded across the business in ways that were both creative and engaging, as a result of the insights provided. We were able to action this expansive research not just in terms of brand and portfolio decision making, but also as a tool to gain alignment across several divisions of the business and to internally speak a consistent consumer-based language. This fundamental study informed the business at many points of the consumer journey to dinner and continues to be the study that keeps on giving 3 years later, due to the art and science in which the study was executed, analysed and database built.

Jane Horder

unlocking innovation at MARS Food.

To enhance the user experience, we guided the company down a more consumer-focused approach to innovation. This meant solving the who, what, where, when and why of dinner time to keep the consumer at the heart of the innovation and portfolio strategy. Challenge accepted.


want adventure? Ready when you are!

If you want to explore ways to match your strengths with consumer needs, we're your team. Flick us a message below to get things going.

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