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identify what works (or not) and why.

You’ve launched your product! Now you want to identify ways to optimise in market and build a bank of learnings for future NPD.

With our help on product performance analysis, you’ll understand, from the consumer’s point of view, what’s working (or not) and why, so each launch improves on the last. Post-launch Radar is the right fit if you want to optimise, pivot and reduce future project costs and risk.


Here, we’ll find the answers to these questions:

  • How is my new product launch performing in market, from a consumer perspective?
  • Are there hurdles in the brand funnel that could be optimised to resolve in-market challenges and drive sales?
  • Are there deeper issues that need to be explored to understand how to optimise the product?
  • What learnings within post launch research can be applied to ensure we keep getting better at innovation?

what you'll get...

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Consumer input


Quick turnaround feedback, so you can immediately course-correct while still in market.


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Performance insights


A 2-page summary of product performance across the funnel – linked to your internal sales metrics.


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Learnings on tap


Close the loop using our database of client & competitor launches to adopt learnings for the future.


see what our clients have to say.


Just wanted to say thank you again for all the work on this project, I have been really impressed with the partnership on this from the approach and agility. For me this project has cemented the trust I have in you and the PLAY team and I can’t wait to keep working on more projects!

Tessa Whittaker
Consumer & Shopper Insights Manager

PLAY are an agency that we have worked with for many years. What stands out to me is their can do attitude, flexibility and overall ability to quickly put together and execute a plan that addresses our needs. Our needs are forever changing and PLAY are always so accommodating; looking for ways to make it happen vs tell us it cannot be done on time/budget! Their expertise spans so many areas that we are comfortable giving them a project brief that covers a mix of quant, qual and sensory exploration around product ideas, concepts, drinks or packs.

Lynn Larsson
Head of Planning and Insights

My PLAY innovation team are true business partners. On a recent project, they were quick to understand our business issues and the complexity of our internal processes. They recommended an approach which navigated the uncertainties of unfolding COVID situations, trans-Tasman relationships and accommodated the complications of product delivery. They tightly managed the research process, recruitment and fieldwork. Their thorough analysis delivered insightful and action oriented recommendations. Throughout this journey they were an absolute pleasure to deal with, helpful and responsive. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with this elite team

Barbara Edwards
Consumer Insights Manager

post-launch performance diagnosis.

After launching a cold & flu product in Australia, with limited support, this client turned to us to diagnose their initial sales results. Our team gathered perspectives from shoppers and pharmacists, revealing powerful insights into the launch’s weaknesses. Armed with an understanding of product and placement, we knew what had to be done to pivot in-market.


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