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check that your launch delivered.

This stage is often missed or completed to minimum requirements. We see huge value in understanding what worked or didn't work post launch. Your team might be running their own analysis using other internal and external data sources and we can fill the gap by speaking to consumers.

Here, we'll customise an approach to suit your needs, whether you think you might have an in-store issue, a product issue, an awareness issue or simply want to understand what consumers think about the launch - we can craft the solution.

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At this stage, we offer a suite of methods for post-launch performance monitoring including:

  • Post match review workshop
  • NPD tracking
  • Customer feedback
  • Mystery shops and observations
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Customer behaviour analysis
  • Social listening
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Post hoc product testing
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get to the 'why' of your KPI scores.

We ♥ consumers


We are consumer-first all the time - they're the heart and soul of what we do.

We get answers

We get up close with consumer behaviour, so we know what they really think.

Promising portfolios

Get a balanced portfolio including core and breakthrough offers grounded in consumer-first insight.

the biggest sensory testing lab in Australia.

We're pretty proud to call Australia's largest sensory testing facilities home. Our best-in-class sensory & shopper lab and tools like eye tracking & full size, real life shelves help bring your innovation to life. You (and your consumer) will understand the end product in a real-life scenario. We can even mock up an entire physical or digital supermarket aisle, letting test subjects experience your product just as they would in-store.

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praise from our clients.


Just wanted to say thank you again for all the work on this project, I have been really impressed with the partnership on this from the approach and agility. For me this project has cemented the trust I have in you and the PLAY team and I can't wait to keep working on more projects!

Tessa Whittaker

post-launch pressure testing.

A beverage manufacturer found their product wasn't performing in-market as expected. But rather than start from scratch, we investigated whether the product was underdelivering on its promise. See how we used a Central Location Test at the PLAY Lab to get to the bottom of it.

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product need a pulse check? Let's talk.

If you're feeling stuck on what to do next, we can give you that 'aha' moment. Just shoot us a message and we'll get started.

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