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develop concepts that consumers love.

At this stage, we help you generate unique but commercially-oriented ideas off the back of opportunity areas and create fully articulated visual and written concepts. Importantly, we make sure your team is taken along the journey and onboard to continue with the innovation project.

We use techniques that get you to break your current frame of reference and think beyond the category and product innovation. We're believers in bringing early ideas to life as much as possible using experiential techniques, early prototyping and in-situ testing. And no matter what, we keep the initial market need and opportunity in mind.

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Here, we offer solutions across:

  • Ideation generation: Ideation workshops, Idea screening (qual & quant)
  • Concept development & co-creation: Co-creation workshops, Concept writing & visualisation, Retail Testing Services, Concept testing, Product clinics (early stage), Pack development, Brand positioning & fit
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techniques that deliver "wow' concepts.

Swift prototyping

Agile approaches and prototyping to bring our ideas to life.

Impactful tools

Facilitation and tools that yield really new offers to 'wow' consumers.

Conceptual tests

Experiential, behavioural and in-situ methods (even at this early stage).

Some additional information in one line

shopper testing in- house at the lab.

We're pretty proud to call Australia's largest sensory testing lab home. Our best-in-class sensory & shopper facilities and tools like eye tracking & 3D prototyping help bring your innovation to life. You (and your consumer) will get a glimpse of the end product in a real-life scenario. We can even mock up an entire physical or digital supermarket aisle, letting test subjects experience your product just like they would in-store.

see what our biggest fans have to say.

endeavour group

The entire team at Play have been amazing partners to our customer insights team for many years - always ready to tackle our challenging and varied research briefs, and consistently unearthing practical insights for us. We've commissioned rapid quantitative surveys, deep in-store qual, concept tests, pricing models and more, and continue to benefit from their strategic thinking.

Adam Gelzinis

matches made in heaven

A leading Australian dairy and food company wanted to test out a heap of ideas, fast while keeping costs down.Luckily, that's exactly what we're good at. Our team deployed an approach that quickly surveyed shoppers and produced a hierarchy of ideas - some of which were turned into actual products!


time to mix up how you ideate. Let's PLAY!

Our team loves nothing more than playing around with new concepts and it's even better when you're involved. Just shoot us a message below to get started.

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