pivoting in a pandemic: what we can learn

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The COVID-19 crisis has encouraged (or forced!) many businesses to pivot by solving problems related to the pandemic and adjusting to emerging consumer trends. 

Could innovative entrepreneurship be the solution to global economies bouncing back?

In our ever-evolving digital world, adapting to change is nothing new for most businesses. However, this level of disruption and urgency is completely unchartered territory. Beyond this, further shifts in consumer behaviour are likely to surface over the coming months, many of which will be here to stay.

In this paper, we’re giving you a breakdown of 6 different FMCG innovations created by brands that were bold enough to do things differently and meet a new consumer need.

Read an excerpt from our latest white paper below and download the full report HERE.


Success, start-up style with Smol.

Changing life circumstances means changing consumer needs, and businesses that have won during this time are those that have found creative ways to meet those needs.

Smol is an eco-friendly laundry, household cleaner and dishwasher detergent brand from the UK that has seen huge success thanks to a surge in demand for online subscription services. 

The budget-friendly company delivers straight to your letterbox, allowing families to keep their home environment clean (something that is top of mind at the moment!) with a habitual purchase that doesn’t require anyone to leave their lockdown location.



Livening up lockdown with Vegepod.

While we’re on the subject, lockdown life has brought many problems to our doorsteps, like working while educating our kids from home and trying to stay healthy without our normal routines.

Lots of brilliant businesses have created solutions to these newfound issues, such as digital teleworking technology, home-schooling resources, creative food delivery options and mental health tools.

Alongside lockdown limitations, some of us have been fortunate enough to find extra time to indulge, learn or accomplish new things, like baking sourdough bread, mixing bespoke quarantini cocktails (because #selfcare) or growing produce in our backyards and balconies.


Planning your post-pandemic product.

So, what can organisations like yours learn from these companies? What ideas should you consider taking on board when planning your next new product or service?

We’ve seen from these brand examples that pivoting at pace to meet emerging consumer and societal needs is key. Innovation is at the core of this process, and your innovation strategy must be grounded in deep customer insight in order to produce results - and we think the best time to start thinking ahead is now!

So, are you hungry for more? We're just getting started! Download the full white paper now to find out how dynamic new businesses and larger companies have proactively taken on this style of innovating in order to thrive through COVID-19 times.

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