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Anyone who’s been tasked with building a powerful brand intimately knows the highs and lows of this mammoth task. It’s part science, part art and inevitably, part magic. The good news is, you can shortcut the guesswork with brand research. And the magic? Call us Copperfield, because we can help with that, too.

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What does brand research have to do with a powerful brand?

Research provides answers. It produces evidence. It offers clarity, direction, and a greater level of certainty that could save your brand from an awful lot of heartache down the track.

Brand research, specifically, can be used for many purposes.

  • Launching a new brand: driving maximum impact and sales.
  • Portfolio management: allowing brands to pivot.
  • Bringing a brand to life: making it multidimensional so it appeals to a broad audience.
  • Strengthening identity: clarifying “who” your brand is and how it operates within its category.
  • Channel strategy: designing the most effective and integrated customer experience.
  • Story-building: leveraging emotion to craft a message that resonates with people.
  • Resurrecting a brand in decline: breathing new life into a brand that has lost relevance.

There are many elements of a brand that you may choose to optimise, such as communication, brand identity, and story messaging. These changes allow a brand to progress by stretching into new categories or appealing to different audiences.

If you’re looking to create a competitive advantage using research, it all comes down to this: brand research gives you a clear picture of your marketplace. It allows you to discover how consumers’ needs have evolved, and then gifts you the opportunity to adjust your positioning to match those needs.

Bingo. Mic drop. Sayonara. Well, not quite...

powerful brands need to stand out

Top tips for building a brand research strategy.


“Most brands spend all their time understanding their brand position and not nearly enough time understanding category dynamics. Your category is like the tide; and ideally, your brand is swimming with it, not against it.”

- (Randall)

Tracking brand performance over time is pivotal when it comes to designing a successful brand. It’s important to understand the role, position, and strengths and weaknesses of the brand within the broader context of the overall category that it sits in.

For all of the above and more, look no further than the humble (yet pretty fancy) brand tracker.

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PLAY’s researchers are poised and ready to bring you closer to your consumers and shoppers.  Our unique facilities on Sydney's northern beaches and Melbourne's southern suburbs mean we're perfectly placed to help facilitate brand research development, new product co-creation, in-home usage tests and even shopper research.

If you’re curious to find out more about how brand research can play a role in moving YOUR business forward, get in touch with our brand experts.


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