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how to effectively present and share insights within your organisation

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Isn’t this the part we’re all waiting for? Sharing the precious, powerful insights that you’ve worked tirelessly to uncover with the rest of your organisation?

We get it. Sometimes it can be an absolute nightmare rifling through lengthy, complex market research outputs. Sure, it’s interesting information but when your ultimate goal is to share some actionable insights internally, less is definitely more.

Find out how to present and leverage insights so you can achieve stakeholder buy-in, move the business forward, and look smart as hell in the process.

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When less is more.

In some cases, you may need more detail from your agency. However, nothing packs a more powerful punch than a distilled insight that can inspire action for your business.

Ask yourself: will these findings be presented to the exec team who are just looking for something top level? Will they be presented to people who aren’t into numbers and just want the action items?

Distilled insights that illuminate, inform or interrupt other activity within a business are exactly what makes research so powerful.

This final output provides the opportunity to leverage other research or shift internal plans to ensure your business is leveraging those key insights.


presenting work that gets stakeholders on board


Getting the right outputs from your agency.

Choose an agency that will steer well clear from text-heavy presentations and knows how to adapt the output to the mode of ingestion.

Before you engage a research agency, make sure they’re on board to tick the following boxes: 

  • A succinct, engaging and interactive presentation including things like Vox Pops, full page diagrams, video content and consumer voice snippets.

  • An in-depth report with clear headlines including data tables, secondary research and graphs, as well as the necessary due diligence with charting – sample sizes, questions and axis labels.

This way, you'll have the data and insights you need to feel well informed and the delivery vessel you require to ensure the key messages resonate.

creating an interesting report and presentation

Making it shareable.

We know how research can sometimes sit within a company - discordant, disparate and disconnected. So, how do you get around this?

Firstly, request more from your agency. Ask for distilled insights in a format that will resonate with your organisation and help bring the research to life.

Then do a second pass and summarise the report into key insights. Ideally, your agency will do this for you, but if not, consider this a non-negotiable for yourself.

Lengthy reports can often bury punchy insights in too much detail and explanation. Shareable imagery or diagrams can bring an insight to life and are highly effective to help you gain traction internally.

Remember, sometimes all you need is one winning slide.

gaining a competitive advantage with insights


Over to you.  

So, how can you begin to effectively present and share insights within your organisation? Want to learn how to uncover more actionable insights (and impress your boss)? Click to get the cheat sheet below: 


Download: Cheat's Guide to Actionable Insights

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