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by: Emma Ditterich

For some, online shopping used to be a non-essential indulgence or a way to save time. Nowadays, with non-essential errands banned, more and more Australians are choosing delivery and pickup options. Australia Post is delivering more parcels than Christmas whilst Coles and Woolworths have had to rein in their delivery options due to such high demand, so you know this is a big deal.

More than ever, it’s crucial for brands to ensure that their online offering is up to scratch and delivering on the expectations and needs of their target market. The brands that get it right today are in a favourable position to continue exceeding consumer expectations long after lockdown. Enter: digital shopper research. 

We break down where to start and how to use the Shopper W’s to discover the non-negotiables that you need to nail, stat.




Why you need to get ready for new online habits.

People are shifting their purchases online, but they still have the power to choose where they go, what they buy and whether they come back for more in this digital reality.

Current consumer behaviour occurring during Covid-19 lockdown is expected to hang around long enough to form new habits (which is likely considering Australians have been in lockdown for close to a month), and brands should be asking themselves if their current online offering is geared up, maximised and delighting their customers at every touchpoint.

Better yet, get some research underway to understand what those important touch points are, where you can optimise and what you need to overhaul.                                                                                                     

woman shopping online during lockdown

Start plugging the gaps with the 5 Shopper W's.

When it comes down to analysing your current offering, our PLAY experts use the Shopper W’s as a starting point to identify gaps and opportunities for each digital shopper project. Take our example of an online toy store.


1. Who is buying?

Think about the experience you want your target audience to have vs the experience they’re currently having. If you’re an online retailer for children’s toys, how easy is your site to navigate for busy parents who are adjusting to working from home, home schooling and looking for a reprieve in the form of a toy? Is the language on your site answering common shopper questions?


2. Where are they going?

Which retailers are they choosing for toys and why? Are they being guided by an ad or are they searching for certain keywords? What happens to their shopping cart contents if they begin shopping on their laptop and then re-visit your site using their mobile?


3. What are they doing or buying?

If they’re looking to buy a new truck toy and some Lego, are there sign posts directing them to relevant categories? Are relevant products suggested to them as they browse? Are you gathering feedback on their experience along the way, once their purchase is complete, or not at all?


4. Why are they choosing to go there?

Consider how they got there to begin with: was it a google search for a particular local toy store or a trendy new toy brand? Is it because the delivery or pick up offer structure suits their lifestyle from a delivery time or price perspective? How are you managing their expectations of delivery times in the current climate? 


5. When are they going there? 

What is the experience like for parents shopping on their lunch break vs parents shopping late at night? Is customer service still available? If not, are their delivery questions or product availability questions easily answered on the site? If they landed on your site over Easter, how can you encourage them to return for an upcoming present?

mum shopping with kids online

How digital shopper research can set your product apart.

Our digital shopper expertise can be scaled according to your project needs. By using your own sales data and customer feedback as a starting point, we’ll craft an approach that can be executed completely online with in-home methodologies such as online eye-tracking to analyse your shopper’s experience first-hand. Using our sharp and shareable results, you’ll be ready to action our recommendations quickly, so you don’t miss out on any more potential sales.

No data on hand? No worries. We’ve helped some of Australia’s most loved brands set up, measure and analyse their customer data to immediately identify quick wins and growth opportunities.

Digital shopper research is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal during this time. By scrutinising and optimising according to shopper insights, those who nail their online offering during this time will reap the benefits long after this crisis is over.

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Take advantage of this opportunity to innovate today.

PLAY MR has a range of digital shopper solutions that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. With our agile approach, we can work together to innovate your online offering and continue (or start!) driving conversions.

Get in touch to get started today using the orange enquiry button to the right at any time. 



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Emma Ditterich

As PLAY’s senior account director, Emma has a zest for consumer and shopper research and has worked with top blue-chip companies in Asia Pacific, Europe, the US and the UK. When she’s not unearthing the next ‘big thing’, overcoming purchase barriers or building category growth drivers, you can find her enjoying the spoils of the Mornington Peninsula with her family and having her powers of negotiation tested by her toddler.

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