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ebook: connecting with your consumers: its only natural

Get your hands on PLAY's 2018 AIFST presentation content. Explore the rapidly growing “naturals” market, as we get to the bottom of exactly what “natural” means to Australians. Discover driving factors at the heart of this lifestyle shift and find out how the food industry can adapt to succeed.


“PLAY have shown a strong understanding of research approaches, consumer brands and the FMCG categories we operate in. They have successfully turned around fast research projects as required but they have also challenged us and worked in partnership on a number of more strategic challenges.”


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embrace AI with confidence by following a framework

PLAY's next webinar will be a panel discussion to help you approach AI with a balance of healthy scepticism and curiosity.

It's about not dismissing every new tool as a gimmick or accepting it blindly. We will equip you with the insights to ask the right questions so you can assess an AI tool's potential for your consumer research.

You'll get a framework through which you can run every AI tool you're pitched. You can use that framework to evaluate those pitches and make smart decisions.

the big questions

Our panel will explore evaluating AI tools:

  • Can AI tools provide the necessary feedback for successful FMCG consumer research?
  • How do you work out what a tool can or can't do?
  • When should we use AI, and when should we lean on traditional consumer research?
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the panel

  • Becky Mead, Managing Director PLAY. Becky has spent the past 20 years getting curious about understanding consumers so that FMCG manufacturers can create products that consumers truly want.
  • Katherine Savage, senior account director, PLAY Katherine has been in the research game for 15 years and is leading PLAY’s AI research. She is always on the lookout for the best tools for the job when it comes to innovation research.
  • Smita Singla, User Experience Lead - ANZ, Danone Smita is a consumer insights professional with over ten years of experience, having spent the last seven years focussing on understanding what drives consumer value perception. She is passionate about bridging the gap between brands and consumers by uncovering deep insights to provide solutions in line with consumer needs.


  • Date: Tuesday, 5th March 2024
  • Time: 12 to 12.30 pm (AEST)
  • Medium: Zoom webinar (recording available to everyone who registers). Join us live to ask your questions on the day. The recording will be available within 24 hours to everyone who has registered. All attendees will receive a link by email.

cutting through the AI hype: how to evaluate consumer research AI tools

Is AI going to be the new heart of consumer research, or is the human element irreplaceable?

This is your chance to be part of a conversation about AI's role in consumer research.

Join us to share your AI experiences in consumer research.

Learn from our panel about how you can approach choosing the right AI tools with confidence and curiosity.


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